Oriental Collection Archive

The Archive of the Oriental Collections in Italy was born in 1981 in order to widen and improve the knowledge of art materials and objects belonging to local collections spread all over the national territory. A large part of the cards collected during all these years, added with photos, have been computerized upon digital support, following the computerization standards of the Central Institute of Cataloguing and Documentation (ICCD).
At the moment important collaborations are in progress: with the Ethnographical Museum in Florence; with the International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza, where you can find a Near-East collection (already published) together with Islamic handiwork and Far East porcelains (China and Japan); with the Archaeological Museum in Trieste, which houses a collection of Islamic art objects and with the Egyptian Museum in Florence, for the Islamic material cataloguing. We are also planning to cooperate with the Commune of Casale Monferrato in order to organize an exhibition of Chinese watercolours and gouaches, belonging to the Vidua’s collection.

Rita Bernini